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This one time I fell in love with a girl, we were on a train and I wrote a song about it. ˜I saw your face, in a crowded place..” etc etc. Haha! Ben Howard, “The moment I fell in love” (via dailybenhowardblog)

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I just feel that we don’t listen enough to this song.

"I am my dear so painfully clear of it all
but you always fear
leave you barren land to toil
oh, I made my own damn choices
took the bite and all it
’s poison
as for ball and chain
and now I came to be a man
not without my father’s hand
but without your fears and their pain.”

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„in the end, it will all be the same. oh I,  I would love you more, if I could.”

(I hope this will be on the upcomming album.)

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just spent $500 on Morrissey tix for the LA Sports Arena gig!

this is the dream

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